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Training Program - Biceps

Training program - Biceps

At one time or another, you've tried some arm training in the gym and experienced many unique training methods for the biceps. Gymquasar believes that the most effective training is often the most basic. Are you ready? Come do it with us!

  1. Barbell Bicep Curl

Arm strength
If you don't already have barbell biceps curls in your arm workout, add them to your training program. The barbell curl has always been one of the best arm exercises to train your biceps. Using a barbell allows the arms to work with each other and transfer more weight with each repetition of the exercise. Increasing both the total weight and reps helps stimulate adaptations in the target muscle groups, resulting in rapid muscle gains.

Tips: Common errors in barbell curls include swaying and lower body instability. When training for this movement, keep your legs shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, and elbows strictly to the sides of your body. Remember to strive to lift to the highest point and last 3 seconds per movement

  1. Dumbbell Preacher Curl

The dumbbell preacher bench curl has always been popular with fitness enthusiasts, and this movement allows for perfect isolation of the biceps in training. Unilateral conditioning can be performed by switching dumbbells during each arm workout, ensuring that the left and right arms are equally strong. Using a preacher bench with dumbbells creates the best biceps workout, with the goal of reducing the possibility of "cheating" while strengthening the muscles throughout the contraction process.

 Tips: Adjust the grip on the priest's bench so that the biceps are isolated to the same degree and focus more on the forearm, brachialis and flexor brachii

  1. Cable Bicep Curl

Machine stretching
Puller biceps curls are essential for increasing training volume and are usually used at the end of an arm workout with a focus on improving repetitions. Biceps curls with a puller create a "constant tension" environment for the biceps and can be performed independently of the traditional methods described above.

 Tips: Tension equipment is easier to fall and wrong operation, through the weight weights can quickly and easily adjust the resistance.

 Have you learned all the above actions, remember to pay attention to the correct method of action during training. Take action to make your arm line more attractive!

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